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Aldi Netherlands & Germany

In the meantime we have been able to make many Aldi's.

At the outset on these projects, we worked with  Our client has developed a concept ventilation system which is now used everywhere.

Here we assemble and supply, in addition to the ducts and grids, the specially developed AHU.

The concept is a standard Aldi, but since there is regular conversion, so an old building with the new requirements, every Aldi is a project in itself.

The works are distributed throughout the Netherlands  and  in Germany

aldi 3.jpg

NBC Convention Center


The NBC  in Nieuwegein has been partially renovated  here we were allowed to provide the multiple conference rooms with a new  ventilation system which is controlled by several CO2 sensors, we have performed this with several AHUs which all independently refresh the air per room. These AHUs can all be monitored online. 
Again, good consultation was necessary, as the building was still in use during the renovation.




Green Village is a very nice location for business meetings, this beautiful building has been provided with the necessary ventilation by means of 2 WTW cabinets

green village.jpg

Distribution Center Wehkamp

In this project we made all ventilation in the distribution hall and the offices, drivers area, canteen, etc. In the hall, all ducts have been placed behind the VRF units with a vapour-tight finish. Again, there was very close involvement with the customer


Loetje Restaurants Netherlands

Over 10 locations

Loetje is a restaurant known for its delicious steaks.

We have already been able to provide many restaurants with a ventilation system for this client so that you can enjoy your steak in a wonderful environment.

With this customer, good consultation in advance is always of great importance, because the word "standard" is absolutely not applicable.

loetje 1.jpeg

Saxion Education location

With moren than 26.000 students Saxion is a big eduction centre with several locations. At te location Enschede Classrooms are created here. In addition, there will also be 250 student rooms. We provided a complete new ventilation system.

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